Following the completion of the $23bn sale of Westfield Corporation in mid 2018, Michael Gutman OBE former Director, President and COO of Westfield decided to form a real estate platform with the combined support of the Lowy family (LFG) and Alceon.

Assembly Funds Management is a partnership between Michael Gutman, LFG and Alceon.

Given the high level of Co-investment and combined experience of the AFM shareholders and their long term history of collaboration the benefits to fund will be the ability to be nimble, flexible and to act quickly when opportunities emerge.

In September 2019 ADPF1 was launched with a target of $325m in equity commitments to invest in real estate opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.

The fund has already secured $207m of commitments at first and second close and will continue through various closings over the next 12-18 months to reach the target of c.$325m.

Currently the fund has gross assets under management of over $300m



Gross assets under management



Of commitments raised
by December 2020

Alceon is a specialist advisory, investment and capital solutions partnership, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

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Lowy Family Group

LFG is the private investment business and family office of the Lowy Family Group.

It’s a global direct investment business with a long-term focus on listed equities, real estate and technology. LFG collaborates with a select number of external firms to augment their direct investment activities. The Principals of LFG are Sir Frank Lowy, David Lowy, Peter Lowy and Steven Lowy. Senior management include David Fuchs (Chief Investment Officer) and John Fanning (Chief Financial Officer).